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Year 5 and 6 (Churchill, Shackleton and Austen)


Key Stage Leader:  Mr Clark-Keen (Churchill Class)
Teachers:  Mrs Williams (Shackleton), 
Mrs Bowles, Miss Chown and Mrs Ward (maternity)  (Austen)
Cover Supervisor: Mrs Hill
Teaching Assistants: Mrs Gaskin and Mrs Payne-Cook (Shackleton)
Mrs Gill (Austen)

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Identity and Diversity

Delve deeper into your family history, identifying where your ancestors came from and understand the roots of your personal family history.

Visit the site of the Battle of Hastings and deepen your understanding of the struggle for power in England after the Romans left and returned to Europe.

Think about the leaders and role models in your family, their character traits and what might make them good leaders/role models.

Research the significance of place names and family surnames, their meaning and why this may be significant to us. 




Homework is set on a Friday and due the following Thursday. Weekly homework is assigned on a rotational basis between English, maths and global learning. The homework tasks are set to reinforce or further children's learning and, where necessary, are differentiated to cater for the needs of each child. All completed homework is rewarded with housepoints. Our homeworks also feature a bonus task - this is an optional extra and additional housepoint rewards are offered for the completion of this task. Should homework not be completed, children will be expected to complete the weekly homework task during their lunchtime or reward time on a Friday afternoon.

Latest homework

As well as giving a copy to the children, our weekly homework will be added to the website every Friday.

See below for the recent homework set.


Children need a full PE kit in school every day including trainers.

Tracksuit bottoms can be worn outside for PE when the weather is cold.  Girls need spare socks if they are wearing tights to school.

If earrings are to be worn they must be simple studs. (No earrings for PE)


Children must use this book to record any reading that they have done at home. We will be looking for 7 reading entries per week. 

Please try to allow the children to read to an adult at home at least once a week. 


For lesson timings please see the attached timetables.

Times Tables Information

All Year 3 children begin their times tables at the same stage (2x Jade). Year 4 children will begin their times tables where they finished at the end of Year 3. Children can bring home their marked test to show their parent's their score. After the weekly test, if they have achieved 100%, they receive a certificate and move onto the next stage.

The times tables below identify which times table children are working on in each colour. Please refer to this if you are unsure about which times tables your child should be learning.

Jade 1 = 2 x (30 questions in 5 minutes)
Jade 2 = 5 x (30 questions in 5 minutes)
Jade 3 = 10 x (30 questions in 5 minutes)
Ruby = 2x and 10x (30 questions in 5 minutes)
Topaz = 2x and 5x (30 questions in 5 minutes)
Sapphire = 2x, 5x and 10x (36 questions in 4 minutes)
Crystal = up to 5x (36 questions in 4 minutes)
Emerald = up to 8x (36 questions in 4 minutes)
Diamond = up to 10 x 10 (50 multiplication and division questions in 8 minutes)
Bronze = up to 10 x 10 (100 multiplication and division questions in 8 minutes)
Silver = up to 10 x 10 (100 multiplication and division questions in 5 minutes)
Gold = up to 10 x 10 (100 division questions in 3 minutes)
Platinum  = up to 10 x 10 (100 multiplication and division questions with remainders in 6 minutes)
Rainbow level = 8 different levels of challenges allowing children to apply their knowledge of times tables in a variety of contexts.