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School Expansion Plans

As you will have been informed by Kent County Council, they are planning to expand the school to two forms of entry (60 pupils each year group). In the long term this will mean an end to mixed age classes and is a good thing as it will allow the school to provide places for all Marden children  as the village expands and more houses are built.


The proposed new building provides all of the facilities the school need to ensure every child at Marden now and in the future gets the best education they can. These include

  • A dedicated room as pupils kitchen for them to cook (Which PTA are hoping to fundraise for)
  • A purpose built hall half as big again as the current one.
  • A much larger space dedicated to being a library
  • Additional classroom spaces to accommodate 14 classrooms and leave two rooms for withdrawal groups
  • A new staffroom and a dedicated working space for teachers to work when not in class and for meetings.

The school owe an enormous debt to three governors (John Weir, Andy Puncher and Richard Hawkes) who have used their professional expertise to support the headteacher in working with KCC to develop these plans to benefit our school community.

Copies of the current proposed plans are attached below.