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Secrets of Success 6th March 2020

Secrets of Success

Bowie - Ivy, for pushing herself to write more sounds on her own.

Potter - Esme, for not giving up with her writing.

Banksy - Max, for showing that he can concentrate on his own.

Hamilton - Lilia, for always striving to improve all her work. Great effort, keep up the hard work!

Backshall - Jake, for working hard especially in Book Week activites.

Nightingale- Elliot, for working hard with his writing this week.

Attenborough - Jana, for concentrating well during Book Week activities.

Hawking - Lewis, for pushing himself in all his work, aiming to ensure it's all to the highest standard.

Shackleton - Ella, for inspiring others with her creativity in her book making this week. Well Done!

Churchill - Lola-Rose, for always pushing herself and not giving up, being resilient in tmes of adversity.

Austen - Sophia, for pushing herself in her writing to use high level punctuation.