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Marden Primary School

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School Governors

Chair of Governors' Statement

The aim of the Governing Body is to provide confident, strategic leadership and to create robust accountability, oversight and assurance for education and financial performance.  The three core functions of the Governing Body are:


  • Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction


  • Holding executive leaders to account for the educational performance of the organisation and its pupils, and the performance management of staff


  • Overseeing the financial performance of the organisation and making sure its money is well spent


Governors are there to be critical friends to the schools’ leadership team. They will monitor and challenge the work of the school six times a year, and robustly question the progress and impact of any observations made.  Along with the school’s Improvement Adviser, the governors will scrutinise progress and achievement data throughout the school and question the strategies that are being used to ensure that all pupils are reaching their full potential.


The safety and well-being of the children at Marden School is of paramount importance, and the governors will work with the Leadership Team to help formulate robust strategies to ensure that this happens.


In 2016, Marden was deemed by Ofsted to be a Good School, and the aim of the Governors is to help the school in its desire to become Outstanding.


If you need to contact any of the Governors please contact the school office.

The present Chair of Governors is:

Andy Puncher

c/o The School Office

Marden Primary School

Please see below for a list of all our governors and their responsibilities. Details of attendance at meetings and declared business interests can be viewed in the attachment below.


Appointment details & designation

Term of Office

Committees & Responsibilities


Rob DeKeyzer


Staff Governor



Term of office ends 19/10/21




Co-Opted by FGB 2015 Term of office ends 19/10/20  Year 5 Teacher

Alistair Johnson


Co-Opted by FGB 2017


Term of office ends 18/07/21

GB Vice Chair, Headteacher’s Performance Management; Safeguarding;

Gillian Lloyd

Parent Governor



Term of office ends 19/10/21



Steven Sivyer

Co-Opted 2015 by FGB

End of term of office 26/2/2019


Andy Puncher

Co-Opted 2015 by FGB

End of term of office 26/2/2019

Chair of GB


Strategy; Headteacher’s Performance Management; Headteacher Recruitment; Deputy Head Recruitment;  Appeal Panel for Disciplinary Matters. Pay committee.


James Sawle






Vice Chair

Pupil Premium

Jodie Osbaldeston Parent Governor Term of office ends 19/10/21  



Coopted 2016 by FGB


End of Term of Office 09.02.2020


FRC representative

John Hutchins



Kim deHaan-McFie Associate Governor    
Fi Brooker Associate Governor    


Vanessa Stevens







Previous Governors

Malcolm Goddard Headteacher Left July 17  
Julie Scott


Community Governor

Left Dec 17 Learning and Resources
Justine Earl

Local Authority Governor

Appointed 2014

Left January 2018 Learning and Resources
Anna Fisk

Associate Governor


Left September 2017 Learning and Resources
Anne Marie Sturrock Parent governor Left July 2017 Learning and Resources
Hannah Rosser Co-Opted governor Left July 2017 Learning and Resources
Annabel Lilley Coopted by FGB Left Feb 2016


Andrew Etherington Associate Governor Left Oct 2015 FRC

Elliot Mantle

Parent Governor, Parent election, appointed 2004

Left July 2015






Dorothy Reed

Local Authority Governor appointed 2007

Community Governor

Appointed 2011 by FGB

Left July 2015


Carol Walker

Local Authority Governor appointed 2006

Left July 2015

LSC, Previous Chair/vice chair of the FGB, Safeguarding Governor, LAC, Young Carers

Jenny Watson

Community  Governor

Appointed 2008 by FGB

Left Feb 2015


Mike Cox

Parent Governor,

Parent election, appointed 2007

Left Feb 2015