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Marden Primary School

A life worth living is a life worth learning

School Council

The Marden Primary School Council is made up of two children from each class from Year 2 onwards, voted for by their classmates. We meet on average every month to put ideas forward from our classes. Each class has a Class Council meeting to collect the views of pupils which we then take to the main meeting.

Some of the ideas we have worked on in the past have been: choosing each year which charities to support and how to raise money (one local, one national and one global charity); being involved in how to refurbish our wooden play trail; ideas for rewarding good behaviour and work and ideas on how to make break times fun.

School Council Meetings  2017-18:


  • Introduction to the School Council: expected behaviour of reps; how meetings are run; taking minutes etc. Advice from last year’s School Council shared.


Charities for the Year were chosen:

National: Children in Need

On Friday 17th November, we will be holding a Bring and Buy Sale after school. The class who raise the most money will win some extra reward time.

World Charity: We wanted to support the fight against malaria through the Sports Relief Charity. This important work helps protect people from malaria by helping fund malaria nets and ensuring that they are distributed and used. 

Local: Kent Air Ambulance.

We felt that this was important as this is the last year that the Air Ambulance is going to be based in Marden. We are also aware that several families have had family members helped by this vital service.


Our meeting celebrated that we raised £286.34 for Children in Need. Unicorns Class raised the most money (£66.40) and so win extra reward time. Well done everyone for raising money for our National Charity. The retiring collections from the KS1 and EYFS Nativity and the KS2 Christmas Sing-A-Long will also go towards our charity this term.

We have chosen how to raise money for our World and Local Charities:

  • Raising money to fight Malaria (Through Sports Relief)  Wear Own Clothes Day (No theme) Minimum donation £1.

         Wednesday 21st March

(Please note this date has changed from the date previously advertised, due to the link to Sports Relief now.) 

  • Kent Air Ambulance: Cake and Craft Sale Tuesday 26th June

We also taked about the questions we will be asking the new Headteacher candidates at the interviews for our new Headteacher. They will be interviewed by our School Council as part of the interview process.


Our meeting discussed ways we could write a report for Governors. We are going to ask each class to record their learning highlights and then put these into a report for Governors.

Gnomes and Pixies were concerned that some pupils run and are noisy in the corridors and the Quiet Areas outside. Each class council talked about why it is important to be quiet and to walk in these places. We decided to create traffic signs in these areas to remind people to walk and be quiet. These will be introduced in an assembly. We also decided to designate a specific area for playing with Beyblades.

As part of the 'Let's Get Better' Project to improve attendance and punctuality, Mrs Dady and Mrs Orford have asked us to talk to our class councils about ideas of how we can reward good attendance and being on time.