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Marden Primary School

A life worth living is a life worth learning

Foundation Stage (Elves and Sprites)


Phase leader: Miss Glennon (Sprites Class)

Teacher: Mrs Melville

Cover Supervisor: Mrs Hicks

Teaching assistants: Mrs Murray and  Miss Holmes


Term 5

This term will be learning about mini beasts,nature and super hero's.  We will also be planning from the children's own interests. We will be bringing our learning to life by looking at caterpillars in the classroom and planting vegetables in our garden.  We will also visit the school pond.

In maths we will be looking at adding two single digit numbers and recording this. Recognising  and ordering numbers 0-20, doubling, finding one more and one less to 20.  (We will extend your child if they can already do this independently)

In literacy we will continue to encourage the children to use their phonics to read and write independently.  You could help them at home by writing simple sentences together, reading as often as possible and practising the word cards.





What could I do to help at home?

Elves and Sprites



Mini beasts and nature




We will send home a 'what we have been learning about' sheet each week to let you know what the children have been learning, with suggested activities for you to do at home.





Do the suggested activities sent home on the 'what we have been learning about' sheet.  You can share these with us at school.

Suggested activities in the phonics and maths packs.

Reading every night or as much as you can. You will earn 5 house points if you do!

Practise phonics.

Read your word card to an adult.  Write a sentence using a word from the word card.


Please check your child’s PE bag has trainers/PE shoes as we do go outside for PE.

Please name all your child’s clothes and shoes including hats, scarves and gloves.

Please tick/ write a comment if you have shared the story at home and then we can change the book with your child.

Yellow reading record/diary book

Please use this book as a point of contact. Let us know how your child is feeling if they are unwell, or if someone different is collecting them etc. We will use it to communicate accidents, tiredness and other general information. If you have any questions or concerns pop a note in the reading record and we can arrange a time to meet you.

Daily information

Onto the playground                8.30 -8.45 am

Snack, drink and playtime       10.20 - 10.35am

Lunch                                          11.50-12.20 pm

Playground                                12.20-1.00pm

PE- Tuesdays (Sprites) and Fridays (Elves)

Computers- Wednesday (Elves) Thursday (Sprites) Not every week.

Learning Journey- 2simple 2build a profile.

You have been sent a link via email for 2simple 2build a profile.  This will give you access to your child's online profile. Please still send pictures, writing, photographs that have been done at home to go into their profile. Please make an appointment to see your child's class teacher if you would like help with 2simple 2build a profile.

You will have two parents’ evenings to discuss your child’s learning.  You will also receive one report (July). All of these will keep you informed about your child’s progress.