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Marden Primary School

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KS1 Visit to Bedgebury

KS1 Trip to Bedgebury

I was lucky enough to go on the KS1 trip to Bedgebury on Thursday. Although it rained throughout the Gruffalo Trail, we did not let it dampen our spirits! The children had a fantastic time and were able to answer questions relating to the characters from the Gruffalo, they even got to meet him at the end! In the afternoon the children made their own dens from branches found on the forest floor. A great time was had by all!

The best bit was when we found the Gruffalo. He had a poisonous wart on the end of his nose! Mario—Gnomes

We built dens in the forest. Our den was very, very good! Oliver—Gnomes

We found the Gruffalo’s child first of all and then we found the big Gruffalo daddy! Valentino—Gnomes

It was really muddy. We even fell in it! - Holly C—Goblins


It was a really good adventure following all the clues to find the Gruffalo! - Dulcie—Goblins

We built a den, it was dirty! Alfie S—Pegasus

I liked jumping in muddy puddles! Elliott—Pegasus