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Marden Primary School

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Young Voices

On Tuesday our choir took part in the Young Voices Concert at the O2. Please see UKS2 Phase page for more photos.

On Tuesday the choir represented the school at the Young Voices Concert.  The children were very excited to be performing at the O2 (a dream of many performers!).  They had been practicing for weeks and their hard work paid off.  Everyone had a wonderful time.

“When they got the parents jumping up and down it was really funny.” - Dee Dee

“Even Mr Goddard was dancing.!  We all loved the singing and the pop medley.” - Evie

“We had such a lovely coach driver, he let us watch a film.  Everyone went to sleep on the way back we were so exhausted.” - Jemima

“The beat boxers were amazing.  I especially liked the BFG.” - Mia

“I really liked the dancers and we got to join in.” - Millie