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Marden Primary School

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Computing Enrichment Days

Computing Enrichment Days

This week we have been busy with Computing.

On Monday Jackalopes and Imps worked together to build an alligator using the Lego wedo kits, which involved using motors to make its mouth open.

Yeti and Leprechauns worked together to build aeroplane, alligators and birds. Adding motion and sounds.

Using kodu Jackalopes and Minotaurs had to explore all of the different tools and carry out a kodu investigation before having a go at creating their own kodu world and game.

Pixies used the pro bots to create 2D shapes. Minotaur had to do some problem solving with the pro bots, following instructions to find the correct shape to match.

Elves and Sprites worked with Centaurs and Pixies to use the bee bots to travel to the correct number and correct dinosaur.

Unicorns and Centaurs explored the flip cameras to take pictures and record. Anastasia Centaurs 'we filmed an alien invasion outside'

Gnomes looked at Hectors World and created their own e safety stories Leprechauns discussed telling an adult if something happened online that they didn't like ,they then did drama. Lottie 'we are acting out how to stay safe and tell an adult'

​Imps looked at the dolphin on the school network and how it keeps us safe. Henry 'it helps us to tell an adult'

On Tuesday Centaurs used textease to create mind maps and timelines. Unicorns used textease to create their own snail using Henri Matisse. Minotaur used textease to create posters about the sun, moon and earth.

Elves and Sprites used Zu3d to create animations in a dinosaur land.

Idem M using Zu3d to create an animation with a cottage and trees.

Harry P used Zu3d to create an animation of a snake race.

Gnomes created various characters to create animations.

Leprechauns used the flip cameras to record reports about the classroom.

Jackalopes recorded their own e safety messages.