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Marden Primary School

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KS1 Trip to Rare Breeds Centre

The children in Key Stage 1 went to the Rare Breeds Centre inline with their topic ‘On the Farm’. 

The children enjoyed seeing and petting the animals and took part in some interesting activities. Here is what they have to say!

There were different sizes of horse. I saw a Shetland and a really big one in the stables. I had a nice day. I bought a toy frog which I put in my dad’s bed. It scared him and he shouted in the night! George R—Gnomes

I remember the fat, pink pig. He was sleeping in the mud. Sophie—Leprechauns

I ran in a pig race and I chased a pig! Eva—Imps

I liked the white owl, he was very fluffy. Jamie—Leprechauns

There was a giant rabbit. He was very cute and was my favourite animal there. Daisy S—Gnomes

We saw the pig race. That was the fun bit. Jayden—Leprechauns

The pig race was really funny! The pigs were faster than me! Zachary F—Imps