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Marden Primary School

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Roots to Food

The children enjoyed a 'Roots to Food' workshop which involved some cooking! Please read their comments.

The recipes for the two dishes can be found below.

The whole school enjoyed workshops from GS+ who provide our school dinners. The children were split into key stages with the younger children being split into classes.


First was the KS2 workshop which taught the children about the nutritional values of food. Two teams then had a ’Cook Off’ in the style of ‘Ready Steady Cook’. The orange team, lead by Mr Clark, produced Pan fried chicken with wilted greens and pasta in a Ragu sauce. The green team, lead by Mr Townsend, produced cheese and chive salmon fish cakes with vegetable Chop Suey and lemon infused rice. They both smelt delicious!

Roots to Food was really fun to watch. I learnt some new things about food.  Maddy—Sea Turtles

It was lots of fun! I learnt the names of the different food groups. I also learnt that fish makes you brainy! Ashleigh—Sea Turtles

I was on the green team. I liked cooking with all of my group, we took it in turns! We got to taste both teams food at the end. They both tasted nice but I liked ours better! Alfie—Sea Otters

I really enjoyed the workshop. I learnt something new about fish! There are three categories: white, oily and shellfish. Jacob—Sea Turtles


In the afternoon the children in KS1 learnt about healthy eating and fitness. They did some exercises and then made and tasted smoothies made from fresh ingredients.

We learnt about how much fruit to eat in the day. You should have five pieces of fruit. Max—Sea Lions

He told us which fruit was good for you and that you should eat five bits a day. Joseph—Sea Lions

I learnt that three strawberries are one of your five a day. You have to eat five if you are an adult. Jasper—Sea Lions

I was a chef! I had to use bananas, peaches, strawberries and apple and orange juice to make a smoothie. I put them in the smoothie maker and pushed the button and it chopped it up for me! It was yummy and I could taste the peach! Harley—Starfish